So for the Ramsey rowing race the coxes and crews know they have to navigate around Ramsey Island, that bit is clear, but what about the water surrounding the Island? Well this is known famously as Ramsey Sound.

Ramsey Sound is located at the western end of St David’s Peninsula between Ramsey Island and the mainland. It is a dynamic stretch of water with strong tidal currents and hazardous rocks with very limited settlement but rich in historic and wildlife features and with superb maritime views. It is very popular for wildlife trips and thrill seekers in kayaks and other craft.

Key Characteristics
* Ramsey Sound is a north-south tidal sea passage separating the island from the mainland with a central deep channel, strong tidal currents and hazardous rocks.
* Indented rocky coasts on both sides with cliffs up to 20-90m high interspersed with one small anchorage on the mainland and small inaccessible sandy coves.
* Coastal edge with heath and coastal grassland and bracken with a wild character.
* Open pastoral landscape gently sloping to the coast with some medieval strip fields and low cut hedgebanks.
* Built form limited to St Justinian’s chapel which is a monument, the lifeboat station, a few dwellings and one farm on Ramsey Island.
* St Justinians is the embarkation point for RHIB wildlife boat trips around Ramsey and offshore and the anchorage is popular and busy in season.
* The Sound is a dynamic stretch of water used by kayakers and others for white water around the Bitches and other rocks.
* There is rich wildlife using the sound and adjacent coasts including porpoises and seals.
* The Coast Path runs along the length of the mainland coast.
* Vehicular access to coast limited to the one locations with associated car park.
* Unspoilt open views out to Ramsey Island, out to sea and long views along coast to major headlands to north east and south west.



Credit for the above text to ‘Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Seascape Character Assessment’

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