100 CLUB membership form

Welcome to our 100 CLUB – a great way for you to support the rowing club whilst having a bit of a flutter! 

Solva Rowing and Watersports Club operate an annual 100 club to fundraise to pay for ongoing equipment costs and maintenance. It is an essential income stream for the club and only costs £10 per year but this really really helps us do the important things, namely getting out rowing!

Please complete the form below to register and purchase a ticket. Remember if you also wish to join the rowing club as a member please use the full membership form here, this also includes an option to join the 100 club. If you just want a 100 club ticket only then please carry on using the form below:



Want to Join The Club?

So you have had a couple of free taster sessions already. You loved rowing and want to get more. Well all you have to do is click on the ‘Get Involved’ button, fill in the form, pay a very small amount of money for an annual membership and before you know it you will be rowing overnight on the Celtic Challenge from Arklow in County Wicklow, Ireland to Aberystwyth on the Welsh coast 🙂

Seriously though, just join, click the button. You can even pay directly by debit / card on our secure Stripe payment system – it’s really easy. it will be the best money you spend all year.